Our new minister, Rev. Stuart Fulton, was inducted on Thursday 23rd February 2017 and the vacancy is now therefore at an end.

8th January 2017:  The congregation today appointed Rev. Stuart Fulton as our new minister by a unanimous vote.   We are delighted to welcome him and his family.  Subject to formal Presbytery approval, we now look forward to the induction service, which is likely to take place towards the end of February.

All members of the congregation and registered adherents are now invited to sign the Call to Stuart.  Details of the arrangements for doing so are attached.  A mandate form is also available for people who cannot attend church to sign the call, and authorises someone else to sign it on your behalf.  Please see full details attached.

Arrangements for Signing of the Call

Mandate Form



UPDATE, 27th November 2016

Rev. Stuart Fulton, minister of Logie Kirk, near Stirling, has been appointed as sole nominee in the vacancy at Newlands South.  Mr Fulton will conduct public worship on Sunday 8th January 2017 and this will be followed by a congregational vote on whether to accept him as our new minister.  All members are encouraged to attend for this important service.


This page contains information and documents relating to our current vacancy.   Our Interim Moderator is Mr Raymond Jenkins.

The Basis of Reviewable Charge for Newlands South has been accepted by the congregation and was approved by Glasgow Presbytery on 21st June 2016, in the terms set out below.

The Nominating Committee was appointed on 11th September 2016, and expressions of interest and formal applications are now invited.

The parish profile is available below.  This includes contact details for the Interim Moderator,  the Convener of the Nominating Committee and the Joint Clerks to the Nominating Committee.

Please contact any the Interim Moderator or the Convener for any further information.

Basis of Reviewable Charge

Parish Profile