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The Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland’s one-stop portal to more than 1,000 pages of information and news about our faith, beliefs, work and services across Scotland and throughout the world.
Glasgow Churches Together

Glasgow Churches Together was formed in 1988. Its member churches are :

Church of Scotland
Methodist Church
Roman Catholic Church
Salvation Army
Scottish Episcopal Church
United Free Church
United Reformed Church

Presbytery of Glasgow

The Presbytery is basically composed of Ministers, Elders and members of the Diaconate. The Ministers and Deacons may work in Parishes, Communities, Hospitals, Prisons, Universities, Colleges… There is a representative Elder from each congregation and “additional” Elders as required to balance the number of ordained Ministers within the Presbytery.

Church House Bridgeton & Bridgeton, St Francis-in-the-East Church House is a youth club in the heart of the East End of Glasgow, closely associated with nearby St. Francis-in-the-East Church. From a friendship between ministers, about 1968, Newlands South Church has bonded with Church House and St. Francis-in-the-East to create an enduring Christian Fellowship.

Merrylea Parish Church

Merrylea Church is located approximately 1 Km south of Newlands South Church.

Lodging House Mission

The Lodging House Mission is a Presbytery of Glasgow project established in 1907. The facilities available today include a Drop-in Centre for Information and Advice, Education and Activity Programme, Internet Cafe and Church Community for Glasgow’s’ homeless, hostel dwelling and resettling communities. A holistic service is offered, caring for the physical, emotional, practical and spiritual needs of each individual.

Dairsie House School

Dairsie House is a fully integrated part of Glasgow Acadamy Prep School for boys and girls from the age of 3 to 9 years. Housed in an attractive Edwardian villa in Newlands, about 100 children are educated in a happy working environment within a family atmosphere.

Erskine Hospital

Erskine offers ex-Service men and women all over Scotland the specialist care and suport they need to overcome physical and emotional scars, often long after they have left active duty. The congregation of Newlands South Church has a live interest in the War Memorial House on the Estate.

Childrens Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS)

CHAS is the Scottish charity committed to the provision of children’s hospice services in Scotland, working exclusively with children with life limiting conditions and their families. Members of Newlands South Church have given generously in response to Appeals of behalf of CHAS.