Children’s Club

We meet on a Sunday at the same time as the church service. We are quite informal and child friendly. Scramblers– this is the pre-school group. Some children begin as young as two and a half; others come around three years old i.e. whenever you consider your child is ready and would be happy to stay.They meet in the Macfarlane Hall at 10-25am and then go into church for a little while.Climbers– This involves children from Primary 1 to Primary 3.Wayfarers – This involves children from Primary 4 to Primary 7.

Y@NS – This is for young people at senior school.

Climbers, Wayfarers and Y@NS meet in the McMillan Hall at 10-25am, then go into church for around 15 minutes before returning to the Hall.

Children then split up into separate groups and follow a series of activities and ideas based on the Scripture Union Booklets.

The whole idea is to help the children learn a little about the Life of Jesus, people in the Bible and the important values in life.

All groups have a get together in the McMillan Hall for the last 10 minutes at the end of the meeting. We also sing a few hymns and choruses.

As we are well aware that children are very busy these days there is no register of attendance – it is good to have the children whenever they can manage to come along.

Please remember there is also a crèche which takes care of babies and younger children.

Please speak to any of the teachers, the Church Officer and/or Shonagh Hendry in the Church office, if you wish any more information.

We do hope to see you soon.